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Dog blanket info and ordering. [Oct. 23rd, 2006|06:46 pm]
MMC Designs, Farm, and Kennels
Okay. Due to the overwhelming positive response, MMC Designs is going to go ahead and offer blankets to the general public!

We are offering sizes xxs-xxxl. from teacup chihuahuas to Great danes, Malmutes, and mastiffs - we outfit 'em all!

Here's the deal. I don't currently have a prototype ready. I hope to within the next two weeks, but if you're alright with taking my word on the description, I'm happy to begin taking orders now.

The general look of the blankets will be like so:

**please note, the image above is NOT one of my creations, it is simply used as an example and general visual aid.

HOWEVER... instead of wide velcro fasteners at the chest and belly, the following changes will me made: double streamlined chest buckles - kind found on fanny packs attached by either black or white poly webbing, your choice. Instead of belly velcro, a belly "band" - wider piece of fleece that attaches with the same two side-click buckles and webbing on one side. This will buckle UNDER the side flap to create a more streamlined and polished look.

Prices and small printy things:

I am lucky enough to be able to offer the expedition weight fleece for the same price as the microfleece! Blankets will be $30/each, with free shipping on orders of two or more.

Custom embroidery is available for $2/line

Rescues ordering in bulk will recieve 10% discount on entire order and free shipping. You MUST provide either 501c3 certificate or other proof of non-profit affiliation. I hate to demand it, but I'm a sucker, and I really can't afford to be scammed. :/

There is also a referral incentive program! Every person referred by you earns you surprise gifts, discounts, and other fun, cool things! You'll recieve your custom referral number to pass on to friends when your order is complete.

We have a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are in ANY way unhappy with the quality of our blankets, send them back for a full refund minus shipping.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for product completion and shipping. If I complete it earlier, you'll get it earlier, but since they ARE made with love, well... love takes time to blossom. ;)

Ordering Info:

Here's a step by step to pre-order now!

Measure your dog. I need a topline measurement (base of neck to base of tail,) a girth measurement (circumference of widest pint of chest behind front legs,) and width of chest (front shoulder across to front shoulder.) Please submit these measurements in inches only.

After you've got those jotted down, head over to this post and pick out your fleece color, binding color, and embroidery color. You'll also need to decide if you want black or white webbing for your fasteners. Buckles come in black, no choice. IF I can find a manufacturer that sells a high enough quality, I will look into offering stainless steel if the demand is there.

Once you get that done, shoot me an email. I'll confirm your price including shipping and link you to my paypal account. Then you sit back and wait for something GOOD in the mail, for once!

Orders need to be submitted to mmc.dfk@gmail.com - please include all coupon codes or special requests at the time of your initial order.

Please feel free to email me if you have ANY questions, or would like to work with me on something different!