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MMC Designs, Farm, and Kennel

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MMC Designs, Farm, and Kennels
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Welcome to MMC Designs, Farm, and Kennels.

We specialize in a few things, and dabble in a few more.

Currently listed on this site are custom fleece dog jackets, reflective break away horse halters, and ceramic art.

Our dog jackets were designed with the hard to fit dog in mind. After years of buying and returning winter wear for my florida-raised pups who shiver when it drops below 80, I got fed up and decided to make my own, custom suited to their sizeable needs. (pun most certainly intended.)

Being that we are in the hurricane capitol of the United States, I also felt the need to have reflective, safe halters for my horses. They're also very handy for those living in rural areas during gun season, and those often affected by white-out snow storms.

Our ceramic art is just that... art! While yes, we do use pre-molded figures, every piece retains it's unique qualities. No two are ever duplicated, so you are guaranteed an original. All of our pigments are hand-mixed from the finest acrylic paints, so not even the coloring of your ceramic art is duplicable.

Please browse the products found in the posts below, and as always, email me with any questions or concerns. We are happy to take custom orders, and if you have a project you'd like done but can't find an artisan for, email me! I might just be able to help you out.

The Farm and Kennels are not yet up and running, as we are still searching for our perfect breeding stock. Updates will be posted here as we have them.

Warmest Blessings,
Jackie of MMC